CB&W -Candid 

Cee’s Black & White Challenge this week is Candid. 

I love this picture of our granddaughter on the swings at the Fair. Every summer Gunnison ( the closest “big” town to our summer cabin) has Cattlemen’s Day Rodeo. The also have a fair with rides, games, etc. 

I love the look on her face. You can tell she is really enjoying herself. 

Liquid Gold???

Today’s prompt is Liquid Gold. 

I don’t have any good ideas for this prompt so I’m just going to share a picture I took last week……. 

As I’ve mentioned before we went for a RZR ride last week. We went to the top of this mountain called American Flag Mountain. You feel like you are on top of the world. The view was amazing. You could see forever. Someone had stacked these rocks and I just had to take a picture. 


Today’s prompt is Alternating……


I came up with a loose interpretation of alternating. We were taking a ATV ride the other day and took this picture on top of a mountain.  The alternating is the clouds and sky.