This week’s prompt on The Daily Post is structure. 

I really like this picture. It was taken at the World’s Fair (Expo) in Malian, Italy 2015  I was looking up in one of the exhibits. 

The prompt was to look at the way things are put together, I think this picture does that. 


When posting a picture a day it is sometimes hard to come up with which ones I want to post. So I’m always looking for ways to help with that. I have found one good source is WordPress’s The Daily Post. One of the resource they have is a weekly photo prompt. This week’s is corner. 

So here is my loose interpretation of this prompt. 

This spring we were on a transatlantic cruise and one of our stops was Funchal, Madeira. Funchal is known for its painted doors. They were really interesting. This is one of the buildings that had been painted. It is hard to tell what is painting and what is real. Since it is on a corner and you can see the corner of the building I’m going to use it for the prompt.