This was the moon shining through some clouds tonight. Looked a lot like the sun on a cloudy day. 


I was going through my pictures looking for ideas for a couple of prompts and came across this one. I just couldn’t resist sharing it since it was so unusual, funny and kind of ties into Halloween. This was taken in the gardens of Blarney Castle, in Ireland. 


This week’s prompt on The Daily Post is structure. 

I really like this picture. It was taken at the World’s Fair (Expo) in Malian, Italy 2015  I was looking up in one of the exhibits. 

The prompt was to look at the way things are put together, I think this picture does that. 

Day 5- Bird of Paradise

Bird of Paradise are one of my favorite flowers. I’m not sure why, maybe it’s that it’s not shaped like most flowers. Maybe it is the orange and purple color. We don’t have them in Arizona, so anytime I see I can’t resist a picture.