This week Frank’s Tuesday Photo Challenge is Kitchen. Now most of us have a kitchen. But for this one I decided I would use this old refrigerator that was used as storage in a restaurant in Rome, Italy. I loved their idea, so creative.


This week our prompt at Cee’s Foto Fun Challenge is the letter L-

Needs to have at least two syllables. I’m using the word Latte.

This photo is of a coffee shop in Verona, Italy. These were the best latte I’ve ever had (And that is saying a lot since I don’t really drink coffee)


The prompt at The Daily Post is peek. Show just enough to peak our interest. 

I found this prompt interesting. That could be interpreted in many ways. I found a lot of pictures that I thought would fit. So I will probably be sharing a few in the days to come. 

This wasn’t the best picture, but I thought it fit the prompt the best ūüėÄ

Lone Bicycle 

Another building from Europe. This one is from Verona, Italy. Verona is a beautiful town. It is where Romeo and Juliet’s balcony is (supposed to be). We have many great memories from this small town.  
One of the reasons I took this picture was the lone bicycle caught my eye. I also liked the way the greenery and flowers grew out of that archway. Makes you want to see what is hidden down the archway. 

More Bricks

Looking for pictures with bricks for yesterday’s post l found I had quite a lot. So I’m going to be sharing a few in the next couple of days. This one caught my eye because of the red geraniums outside the windows. I love the contrast of the deep red against the old buildings.