Lone Bicycle 

Another building from Europe. This one is from Verona, Italy. Verona is a beautiful town. It is where Romeo and Juliet’s balcony is (supposed to be). We have many great memories from this small town.  
One of the reasons I took this picture was the lone bicycle caught my eye. I also liked the way the greenery and flowers grew out of that archway. Makes you want to see what is hidden down the archway. 

More Bricks

Looking for pictures with bricks for yesterday’s post l found I had quite a lot. So I’m going to be sharing a few in the next couple of days. This one caught my eye because of the red geraniums outside the windows. I love the contrast of the deep red against the old buildings. 


Today the prompt at Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge is the letter J – needs to contain the letter J and be at least 6 letters long. I chose the word Enjoys. One of the things we enjoy when traveling in Rome is after a long day of sight seeing, is to go back to the Bed and Breakfast we always stay in, sit in the garden and enjoy a glass of wine and appetizers we have picked up at the local market.


CB&W-Indoor Hallways, Walkways & Elevators

This week Cee’s Black and White Challenge is indoor hallways, walkways and elevators. When looking for a photo to use it struck me that I don’t take a lot of indoor architectural pictures. I’m always take photos of the outside of buildings, alleyway, etc., but I guess not to many inside. 

I almost didn’t use the picture below, it is of the David in Florence. I took the picture from the end of the hallway. As I was looking at it I thought it’s to far away, but decided to try it in black and white. It was amazing that once I turned it black and white the statue seemed to be highlighted. I haven’t done any editing, just turned it B&W. I guess the sun shining on the statue made it stand out once the color was taken away. Think I’m going to try turning more pictures that I’m not crazy about to B&W and see what happens.



Today’s The Daily Post photo challenge prompt is pedestrian. The prompt said, Pedestrian or not? It’s up for your interpretation. 

I choose to use this picture. This is the Duomo in Milan, Italy. The area around the Duomo is close to cars, so there are only pedestrians around the area. 


This week at Dutch goes the Photo, Frank has a weekly challenge. This week’s challenge is signs. 

I saw this sign in a store window, just down from the bed and breakfast we stay at in Rome. I thought it was funny for 2 reasons. First the sign says that they “speak Italian very well”. I should hope so since we are in Rome, Italy 😀. Then the sign said that they know where Piazza Navona is.. again I should hope so, since we were one block away from the Piazza. Someone obviously had a since of humor, it was a clever way to get people to notice and come into their store.