The prompt at Dutch Goes the Photo Tuesday Photo Challenge is Message.

I picked this sign on a mountain road in Colorado. This sign can send different messages depending on the kind of driver you are. If you a cautious driver or afraid of heights the message is fear. If you are an average driver the message could be, this is going to be a long drive. If you are a confident driver and in a convertible sport car the message is, This is going to be fun! What message does this sign say to you?


The prompt at Dutch Goes the Photo this week is Build. The obvious choice for this word would be something under construction. But I decided to use this picture of a building in downtown San Diego. This building is all brick construction. It is a very beautiful building. They don’t Build them like this anymore.


Last week at Dutch Goes the Photo the prompt was Progress. I missed it but thought I’d post this picture anyway.

These windmills are by the freeway in California. They sure have changed since the old wooden ones. These are more efficient , making electricity, but I like the look of the old wooden ones better


Today Frank’s Tuesday Photo Challenge is Birds. 

One of the places we like to visit on our RZR rides is a little town called St Elmo. One of the reasons we like to go there is they have “Chipmunk Crossing “. They have an area that you can sit and feed the chipmunks. They are very tame and will eat out of your hand. This year when we were there this little bird landed on my husband’s foot. I think he is saying “do you have some for me?”

Lunch Hour

Frank’s Tuesday photo challenge over at Dutch Goes The Photo this week is Hour. His prompt was that we could use any interpretation we wanted. I had to think about this one, then I was looking at this clock and thought it’s the lunch hour. So this is my loose interpretation of Hour……Lunch Hour.