CFFC- E is for…ElegantĀ 

This week’s challenge at Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge is the letter E. The parameters are the topic word has to have at least 2 Es. I choose the word Elegant. I think this picture of Snow White’s Castle in Disneyland, all decorated for Disney’s 60th anniversary is elegant. 


This week’s word for Cee Foto Fun Challenge is the letter D, a four letter word the starts with the letter D. For my word I chose Dome. This is the dome of Sant’Angnese in Piazza Navona, Rome. This picture was taken from a roof top garden we had the privilege to visit. It is the back side of the church. 

CFFC- Cable Car

This week’s Cee’s Foto Fun Challenge (CFFC) is the letter C- the C word needs to be at least 4 letters in length. 

I took this picture because of the unusual sculpture on the ground, but after taking it I realized that the cable car was right above the sculpture. I really like the way it turned out. 

Here is another view of the cable car.

CFFC-B is for Brown

Another challenge that Cee’s Photography does is called Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge or CFFC. Right now each weekly prompt is the letter of the alphabet, with a twist. This week’s prompt is a color that starts with the letter B. This was a hard on for me. Hard in that I couldn’t decide which photo to use. This is what I came up with………..B is for brown.

Last year we had a moose roaming the (really) small town we spend the summers in. We were fortunate enough to see him one day and get a picture.