Upside Down House

The week the prompt atCee’s Black & White Challenge is House. The prompt said any house, big, small, a bird house, dog house, firehouse, lighthouse, etc.

This is an upside down House in the Azores. We aren’t sure why it was there. My husband thinks it is a piece of art. It was huge (as you can see by the car next to it) the size of a regular house. It was interesting whatever the reason it was there.


This week the prompt at Cee’s Black &a White Photo Challenge is Fences and Gates. I found quite a few that I liked so I many be carrying this theme over for a few days.

I chose this gate to a house in Italy. I love the way in Italy, a gate isn’t just a way to keep things in or out, but a beautiful part of the architecture.

Things Found in the Kitchen (pt 2)

Looking for thing to share for Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge Things Found in the Kitchen, I found quite a few pictures I could use. So I’m sharing more than one this time.

This photo was taken in the kitchen of a restaurant outside of Rome, Italy. This was an awesome restaurant. The food was fantastic and the building look like something out of a movie. The pots and the tall coffee maker (I think) are all copper.