Last night we went to see Zoolights at our local zoo. We have a “lake” with some beautiful lights around it and in the middle.

I love the way the lights reflect off the water.


The prompt at Dutch Goes the Photo Tuesday Photo Challenge is Message.

I picked this sign on a mountain road in Colorado. This sign can send different messages depending on the kind of driver you are. If you a cautious driver or afraid of heights the message is fear. If you are an average driver the message could be, this is going to be a long drive. If you are a confident driver and in a convertible sport car the message is, This is going to be fun! What message does this sign say to you?

Upside Down House

The week the prompt atCee’s Black & White Challenge is House. The prompt said any house, big, small, a bird house, dog house, firehouse, lighthouse, etc.

This is an upside down House in the Azores. We aren’t sure why it was there. My husband thinks it is a piece of art. It was huge (as you can see by the car next to it) the size of a regular house. It was interesting whatever the reason it was there.


This week the prompt at Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge is the letter P. The criteria is it has to start with the letter P and have at least 5 letters.

I chose the word Picnic. When we travel to Europe we like to have picnics for lunch. The guys go to a local market in the mornings (while us girls are getting dressed, good deal if you ask me ๐Ÿ˜„) and find some of yummy things to have for lunch. It is usually a game to see how much they can get for the least amount of money. The cost has to include wine๐Ÿ˜„. They are pros now.

This is a picture of one of our many Picnics.