Last night we were sitting on the patio watching the sunset. After the beautiful sunset, twilight set in and I took this picture. 


I is for Interesting 

The week on Cee’s Foto Fun Challenge the prompt is the letter I – a word that starts with the letter I. I choose this picture to represent Interseting. I took this picture one evening on the way home. The sun was setting behind me and I’ve never seen this before. I’m not sure why the sky looked like this. I thought it was Interesting. So this is my loose interpretation of Interesting. 


Today Frank’s Tuesday Photo Challenge is Birds. 

One of the places we like to visit on our RZR rides is a little town called St Elmo. One of the reasons we like to go there is they have “Chipmunk Crossing “. They have an area that you can sit and feed the chipmunks. They are very tame and will eat out of your hand. This year when we were there this little bird landed on my husband’s foot. I think he is saying “do you have some for me?”